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MathEdge is an educational program focusing on the problem-solving skills that lead students to success in both academics and the real world. It taps into intellectual curiosity and helps foster the mathematic potential of your child.


More importantly, though, MathEdge gives students confidence and the skills to tackle any type of problem, academic or otherwise. Problem solving is what math is all about. As one discovers how to solve problems one previously thought were impossible, he/she would apply the same calm thought process to all of life's problems!


What is problem solving mathematics?

How to solve them?

What is a system for problem solving?

Example of a system for problem solving.

What are the possible problem solving strategies?

What will students learn from the program?

Examples of showing multiple ways of solving problems.




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7/31/13 IndiaWest: Eighth Grader Vinayak Kumar Wins Award in Int’l Math Contest

7/30/13 San Ramon Express: San Ramon student represents USA in international math competition

7/29/13 Press Release: MathEdge Students Representing USA Receive 8 Awards in 2013 Int’l Math Competition in Bulgaria



From left to right: Eric Chan(Coach), Joshua Chan, Albert Lo, Michelle Song, Justin Chan, Jonathan Zhang, Shopnavo Biswas, Vinayak Kumar, Qing Huang, Norman Tsai(Coach), Joanna Tan(Coach), Jonathan Huang, Michelle Fang,  Dianna Pei, Kenny Wang, Jason Huang,, Grace Huang,  Kevin Chen,  Andrew Xu, Yick Cheung(Coach)


8/17/12 IndiaWest: MathEdge Students Win 8 Individual, 2 Team Awards at TAIMC

8/13/12 Press Release: MathEdge students from the Bay Area, California won 8 individual awards and 2 team awards in the Taiwan International Mathematics Competition (TAIMC)  


7/27/11 News: MathEdge Teams Triumph Winning Champion and 2nd Runner-up and 8 Individual Awards in 2011 International Mathematics Competition Held in Bali, Indonesia   http://youtu.be/tLQfLzzPvkQ


8/1/11 News: Congratulations to MathEdge’s Writing+ student, Cindy Liu (G8 at Harker), being selected among 200+ applicants to serve on Creative Kids’ 2011–2013 Advisory Board






Contact info: (408) 725-2680,  mathedge@gmail.com,  www.mathedge.org
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Summer Program Openhouse 3/2/14 @Cupertino, 3/15/14 @ Fremont, 3/16/14 @Dublin (Flyer)


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