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2012 International Math Contest (IMC 2012  in Taiwan)

2012 International Math Contest Team Tryouts  (2012 IMAS Flyer)  (IMC Flyer)

1) IMAS TRYOUT: (Hong Kong Summer Camp Qualifying Round 1)

Date:   Wed 12/7/11  at Fremont Site       or      Thu 12/8/11  at Cupertino Site          Time: 7- 8:30 pm

Added time slot 5-6:30pm on Sat 12/10/11 at Fremont Site (Wed (12/7/11)  7pm time slot is full)

2012 IMAS Round 1 Statistics and Awardees    Award photos

Congratulations to the following top 10% students to be invited for 2nd round IMAS:


2) IMC TRYOUT: (IMC-Taiwan Qualifying Round and Hong Kong Summer Camp Qualifying Round 2)

Date:   Wed 2/8/12  at Fremont Site          or      Thu 2/9/12  at Cupertino Site          Time: 7- 9pm

Added time slot 5-7pm on Sat 2/11/12 at Fremont Site


2 Ways to Register:


1. Register online here.


2. Mail the registration to 43385 Ellsworth Street, Fremont CA 94539


Add $5 per contest if register less than 2 weeks before contest.


For further info, contact Mr. Eric Chan  at (510) 573-4780 or email at imc2012_tryout@yahoo.com.

Try Out To Enter A Prestigious World Math Competition in Taiwan and 12-Week Training:

If your child enjoys solving math problems, he/she is invited to try out for the USA-Silicon Valley teams that will compete in an International Math Contest in Taiwan in July 25-30, 2012. It is a unique opportunity for

Grades 3-9 students to have an academic and a cultural experience with children from around the world.

Having participated in International Math Competitions for the past 7 years, the USA-Silicon Valley teams have won dozens of honorable awards and received a lot of press coverage. At last year’s IMC 2011 held in Indonesia, the teams won Champion and 2nd runner-up in team awards and all 8 individual awards.



The competition is composed of two divisions:

1) Lower Division (born after 7/20/98 and grade 6 or lower)         Round1 samples               Round2  samples

2) Upper Division (born after 7/20/95 and grade 9 or lower)         Round1 samples               Round2  samples



Student who scores in the top 10% in the 2) IMC tryout will be invited to go through a 12-week intensive training. Another test will be administered to determine the final students representing the USA teams to compete in Taiwan. For these students, all expenses (except airfare) for room & board, and local tours in Taiwan during the six days will be covered.


Qualify for Free Summer Camp Training in Hong Kong Conducted by IMAS

International Mathematics Assessments for Schools (IMAS) is a world-class mathematics assessment test organized by IMAS Executive Council. It offers 2 rounds of contests, followed by a summer camp in Hong Kong.


For the students who performed well in both rounds of IMAS contests, a free Summer Camp will be held in July at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. This is a good opportunity for the participants to promote friendships with students from different countries and learn mathematics from world-class instructors. Free training, meals, and accommodation (except airfare) will be provided for the invited participants.

Tryout Awards:

From the IMAS Round 1 tryout results, the top 3 students in each grade (G3-9) will receive a trophy.  

Additionally, here would be IMAS awards:  


From the 1) IMAS Round 1 results, the students will receive a personal report and certificates according to their percentile ranking: High Distinction (above 95 percentile), Distinction (above 85 and below 95 percentile), Credit (above 50 and below 85 percentile) and Participation (below 50 percentile).


From the 2) IMC Tryout (IMAS Round 2) results, the top 30% percentile participants will receive medals according to their percentile ranking: Gold (top 5% percentile), Silver (6% to 15% percentile) and Bronze (16% to 30% percentile).



*MathEdge will not be held liable for the invitation cancellation under any circumstances.


Have questions about the Team Tryouts? Visit our  IMC FAQ by clicking here.



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International Mathematics Assessments for Schools (IMAS)

Mathematics Assessments for Schools (IMAS) is a world class mathematics assessment test for both upper primary and lower junior secondary students.  The test is organized by IMAS Executive Council.

IMAS consists of 2 rounds of contest:

1. IMAS Round 1 (open to all students) (25 problems, max 100 points, 75mins)
         Problem 1-10 (EASY category: Multiple Choice, 3 points each)
         Problem 11-20 (AVERAGE category: Multiple Choice, 4 points each)
         Problem 21-25 (CHALLENGE category: Integer Answer between 0-999, 6 points each)
There is no penalty for incorrect answers.
No calculators, slide rules, log tables, math stencils, mobile phones, or other calculating aids are permitted.
Scribbling paper, graph paper, ruler, and compasses are permitted but not essential.
Diagrams are NOT drawn to scale. They are intended only as aids.

Awards (certificate) (per grade per country):
· High Distinction - (Top 5%)
· Distinction - (Top 6%-15%)
· Credit - (Top 16%-50%)
· Participation - the rest

2. IMAS Round 2 (for students who scored in the top 5-10% overall in IMAS Rd 1) (15 problems, max 100 points)
         Problem 1-5 (Multiple Choice, 4 points each)
         Problem 6-13  (Short Answer, 5 points each)
         Problem 14-15  (Detailed Solutions, 20 points each, partial credit possible)

      Awards (per country):
· Gold Medal - (Top 5%)
· Silver Medal - (Top 6% - 15%)
· Bronze Medal - (Top 16% - 30%)

IMAS Summer Camp in Hong Kong
The IMAS will also organize a Summer Camp for developing mathematics learning. This will provide good opportunities for all participants to meet each other and promote friendships of students among different countries as well as learning from each other in mathematics.

The Summer Camp is conducted by the IMAS Executive Council, and the Council will invite those participants who perform well at the upper primary and junior secondary of each country to attend the Summer Camp. The Camp will be conducted at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University will provide free meals and accommodation to all invited participants.  One teacher of each participating country will also be invited and his/her meal and accommodation expenses will be sponsored by IMAS Executive Council. However, the participants and all official delegates will have to pay for their round trip transportation expenses from their country to Hong Kong.


8/13/12 Press Release: MathEdge students from the Bay Area, California won 8 individual awards and 2 team awards in the Taiwan International Mathematics Competition (TAIMC)



US Team in TAIMC 2012, July 25 Photos

Pictures for Opening Ceremony and Math Lectures on 7/24/2012

Pictures from Culture performanc e and Gift Exchange on 7/25/2012

Pictures from TAIMC Competitio n and Maokong Gondola

Grand Hotel Taipei pictures from 7/23 to 7/28/2012

TAIMC Sightseein g pictures on 7/26/2012

TAIMC Close Ceremony pictures on 7/27/2012

Post close ceremony team/individual pictures: