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10/1/10 Harker News Online: Students Take Top Spots in Hong Kong Math Competition,  Web version


8/27/10 IndiaWest: Bay Area Teams Wins Awards at Hong Kong Math Event

8/18/10 SingTao News: 保良局数学赛   湾区8 少年载誉归


8/14/10 Chinese World Journal: 華裔生揚威香港數學賽, newspaper version


8/12/10 MathEdge Teams Win 2nd and 3rd place Team and Seven Individual Awards at 2010 Po Leung Kuk Primary Mathematics World Contest in Hong Kong


1/07/10 SingTao News: Tryouts News


1/09/10 Chinese World Journal: Tryouts News


1/15/10 IndiaWest: MathEdge Holds Tryouts for Math Competition

2009 Press

5/12/09 TriCity Voice: 2009 Primary Math World Competition Tryouts Results


4/10/09 IndiaWest: Math World Contest Tryouts Attract 121 Competitors


4/12/09 數學世界邀請賽甄別賽 16華裔生獲獎


1/21/09 TriCity Voice: MathContest Tryouts


1/23/09 IndiaWest: Team Tryouts Scheduled for World Math Contest

2008 Press

8/01/08 MathEdge Team Won Merit Award in 2008 PMWC


3/14/08 IndiaWest: Six Win Trophies at Math Tryouts in Bay Area


3/12/08 TriCity Voice: Primary Math World Contest Tryouts


3/03/08 SingTao News: 2008 PWMC Tryouts Awards


1/13/08 SingTao News: 2008 PMWC Tryout News


1/25/08 IndiaWest: World Math Contest Seeks Applicants

2007 Press

8/21/07 TriCity Voice: MathEdge teams excel in 2007 World Math Contest


8/17/07 SingTao News: Bay Area Teams Won 8 Prestigious Awards in 2007 PMWC


8/17/07 Chinese World Journal: Bay Area Teams Won 8 Prestigious Awards in 2007 PMWC


8/16/07 MathEdge Teams Excel in 2007 World Math Contest News Release


3/23/07 IndiaWest: Nine Primary Students Receive Math Contest Awards


3/06/07 SingTao News: 2007 PMWC Tryouts Awards

Fremont center's students who participated in 2009 Primary Math World Competition appear in TriCity Voice.  


2008 PWMC Tryouts Award winners appear in Singtao News.

8 Bay Area students, led by MathEdge directors, won a total of 8 awards in the 2007 World Math Contest.

2006 Press

8/08/06 IndiaWest: Bay Area Teams Win Seven Awards at World Math Contest


8/25/06 Evergreen Times: Evergreen students win awards at Hong Kong math contest


8/14/06 SingTao Daily: Bay Area Teams Excel in World Math Contest


8/08/06 World Journal: Silicon Valley Teams Wins Big


8/12/06 2006 PMWC press release


6/08/06 World Journal: MathEdge Level Contest


6/20/06 TriCity Voice: MathEdge Level Contest Wins Big, newspaper version


6/06/06 IndiaWest: Three Indian American Students win MathEdge Awards


2/02/06 SingTao Daily: 2006 Primary Math World Contest Tryouts news


6/11/06 Palo Alto Daily News: A Puzzling skill: Local Teen rules at Sudoku tournaments

2005 Press

7/28/05 San Jose Mercury News: “Math Team wins global honors”


8/03/05 Chinese Singtao Daily


7/30/05 Chinese World Journal


8/26/05 India Aboard: “Good US debut in world math contest”


7/15/05 Evergreen Times: “Evergreen student heads to Hong Kong for international math contest”


8/12/05 Evergreen Times: “Evergreen student returns from international math contest with team honors”


8/05/05 India West: “California Teen Among Winners At Math Contest in Hong Kong”


8/17/05 Saratoga News: “Redwood student is a winner in an international math event”


5/10/05 SingTao Daily: 2nd Place in 2005 MathCounts State Competition


5/10/05 Chinese World Journal: 2nd Place in 2005 MathCounts State Competition

Evergreen students, who won awards at the 2006 Hong Kong math contest, are shown in the Evergreen Times.

Math World top 10 winners with coach Ewa Garg in IndiaWest.


Twelve students in training for the Indonesia International Mathematics Competition (IIMC 2011) held in Bali in July.

MathEdge Teams Receiving Awards at IIMC 2011 in Bali

MathEdge-led team, who won global honors in 2005 Math World Contest, appear in the Mercury News.

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8/11/11 SingTao News: 出征印尼國際數學競賽 灣區學生載譽而歸


8/11/11 Chinese World Journal: 印尼數學賽 七華生爭光


8/1/11 News: Congratulations to MathEdge’s Writing+ student, Cindy Liu (G8 at Harker), being selected among 200+ applicants to serve on Creative Kids’ 2011–2013 Advisory Board


7/27/11 Press Release: MathEdge Teams Triumph Winning Champion and 2nd Runner-up and 8 Individual Awards in 2011 International Mathematics Competition Held in Bali, Indonesia  IIMC 2011 - USA youtube video


6/3/11 IndiaWest: Students Prep for Math Contest


5/6/11 SingTao News: Twelve Students Training for International Mathematics Competition (IIMC 2011) in Bali / 數學尖子集训華人面孔


5/3/11 Press Release: Local Math Contest Winners to Compete Internationally This Summer


2/4/11 IndiaWest: Tryouts Slated for Math Contest in Hong Kong


1/26/11 SingTao News: 2011 PMWC Tryout News / 香港保良局數學賽2月甄試

2011 Press

8/17/12 IndiaWest: MathEdge Students Win 8 Individual, 2 Team Awards at TAIMC

Online IndiaWest version

8/13/12 Press Release: MathEdge students from the Bay Area, California won 8 individual awards and 2 team awards in the Taiwan International Mathematics

Competition (TAIMC)

1/14/12  Chinese World Journal: 2012 IMC Tryout News 数学训练中心 将组队赴台参赛

12/6/11 IndiaWest: Team Tryouts to Be Held for International Math Contest

2012 Press
MathEdge Teams Receiving Awards at TIMC 2012 in Taiwan
2013 Press

8/19/13 Chinese World Journal: MathEdge 培訓學員榮獲國際數學競賽八項大獎

8/13/13 Tri-City Voice: Local Students Receive Awards in International Math Competition

7/31/13 IndiaWest: Eighth Grader Vinayak Kumar Wins Award in Int’l Math Contest

7/30/13 San Ramon Express: San Ramon student represents USA in international math competition

7/29/13 Press Release: MathEdge Students Representing USA Receive 8 Awards in 2013 Int’l Math Competition in Bulgaria        Chinese NewsRelease       Simplified Chinese NewsRelease

4/9/13 Former MathEdge Student David Zhu Heads to 2013 MathCounts National Competition.

2014 Press

4/1/14   MathEdge student Shopnavo Biswas scored perfect in AMC8 and qualified for AIME

3/16/14 MathEdge Students Shine in MathCounts and AMC Contests!

10/1/13 David Zhu, Former MathEdge Student, placed ninth in 2013 National MathCounts competition