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Primary Math World Contest 2006

2006 Primary Math World Team Results


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2006 Primary Math World Team Tryouts



2006 PMWC tryout FAQs:


1. If I pass the tryouts, how much will training cost?

Last year, we trained about 8 weeks of 3 hrs each per week and costed about $30/hr. For the advance level, most people charge a lot more but it's the same rate as any of my other classes (beginner, intermedate, advance, etc). You can find more info about those classes from the website: www.mathedge.org



2. If I pass the tryouts, where is the training held, what days of the week is the training held on, and what time?

The training will take place at MathEdge (Cupertino location), right after the tryouts. The training schedule will depend on the selected students' and mine. Will try to get something that will work for everyone. Last year, we  trained mostly on weekends.


3. In the past year(s), have sixth graders ever made it to the world competition, and, if so, what is the percentage of the sixth graders making it to the PMWC out of all the kids in California who made it to the PMWC

Yes, one 6th grader made it last year.


Past Tryout Problems can be found by clicking the link.


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Have questions about the PMWC Team Tryouts? Visit our PMWC FAQ by clicking here.

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