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Primary Math World Contest 2010

2010 PMWC Results and Awards






















































2010 Primary Math Contest Team Results



































The overall top 10% students will be honored with a calculator. The top 5 for G3-G7 and the top 3 for G2 students will be honored with a trophy or medal.


























































2010 Primary Math World Team Tryouts

Tuesday 2/9/10 or Thursday 2/11/10

7:00PM - 8:15PM

(English flyer) (Chinese flyer) (Spanish flyer)


Where: Quinlan Community Center (10185 N Stelling Rd Cupertino, CA 95014)

Fee: $42

Ways to Register:


2010 PMWC Team Tryouts Registration Info

    1. Online at http://reg4fun.cupertino.org/econnect (Activity #40523 for Tue; or Activity #40524 for Thu)

    2. By Touchtone Phone at (408) 777-3102 or (408) 777-3103

    3. Fill out the registration form. Fax it to: (408) 777-3137. Or mail /drop it of at the Quinlan Center


Note: Registering online requires a client number and a PIN. If you don't have one or have any registration questions, please call Quinlan Center at  (408) 777-3120.



Past Tryout Problems can be found by clicking the link.


Try Out To Enter A Prestigious World Math Contest

If your student enjoys solving math problems, (child must be born after 9/1/96, and is in the 7th grade or lower), he/she is invited to tryout for the USA-Silicon Valley teams that will compete in an International Math Contest in Hong Kong in July 2010. It is a unique opportunity for the Elementary and Middle school students to have both an academic and a cultural experience with children from around the world.


Winning any award in such a prestigious competition is an incredible accomplishment. Having participated for the past 6 years, the USA-Silicon Valley teams have won dozens of honorable awards, receiving a lot of press coverage.


Qualify For A Trip to Hong Kong

To qualify for the teams, the students must take a tryout test consisting of 20 non multiple-choice word problems lasting for a duration of 45 minutes without a calculator. Based on the tryout results, the top 10% students will be invited to go through a 12-week training period offered by MathEdge. Another test will be administered to determine the final 4 to 8 students to compete in Hong Kong. For them, all expenses for room & board, and local tours in Hong Kong during the five days will be covered. However, the student’s parents are responsible for the student’s airfare, training costs, and other expenses. All students must provide at least one parent's email address, along with the student's date of birth, and grade level. Parents will be notified of the tryout results through email within 2 weeks after administering the tryout test.


Tryout Awards by Each Grade Level (G3-7)

From the tryout results, the top 3 students of each grade will be honored with a trophy. In addition, the top 10 students will be honored with a calculator.


*MathEdge will not be held liable for the invitation cancellation under any circumstances.





Have questions about the PMWC Team Tryouts? Visit our PMWC FAQ by clicking here.

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2010 PMWC Team Tryout Overall Statistics

Total Number of Students


Highest Score


Average Score


Top 10% Required Score


Max Score


Statistics by Grade Level


7th grade

6th grade

5th grade

4th grade

3rd grade

2nd grade

Number of  Students







Highest Score







Average Score







Twenty-eight awards will be presented on 2/28/10 to the following students


7th grade

6th grade

5th grade

4th grade

3rd grade

2nd grade


Henry Yang



(Hyde in Cupertino)

Timothy Ngotiaoco  [吴敦明]


(Ardenwood in Fremont)

David Zhu



(Harker in San Jose)

Ryan Liu



(St Leo the Great in San Jose)

Harrison Chen



(Stocklmeir in Cupertino)

Suhaas Kolli


(Mattos in Fremont)


Michael Lu



(Horner in Fremont)


Jason Huang



(Terman in Palo Alto)

Shuheung (Nelson) Niu


(Garden Gate in Cupertino)

Handong Wang


(Blossom Hill in Los Gatos)

Joshua Ngotiaoco



(Ardenwood in Fremont)

Malin Sapkota


(Niles in Fremont)


Victor Chen


(Miller in Cupertino)

Grace Li



(Kennedy in Cupertino)

Chris Wang


(Gomes in Fremont)

Jessica Zheng


(Blue Hills in Cupertino)

Yimimg Xuzhou


(Loyola in Los Altos)

Jonathan Kao


(Gomes in Fremont)


Cindy Liu



(Harker in San Jose)

Srinath Goli


(Mission San Jose in Fremont)

Brian Tsang


(Gomes in Fremont)

Adrian Chu



(Harker in San Jose)


Catherine Huang


(Meyerholz in Cupertino)

Shaunak Bhandarkar


(Dilworth in Cupertino)



Tal Shachaf


(Jordan in Palo Alto)

Justin Chan



(Kennedy in Cupertino)

Peter Wu


(Harker in San Jose)


Kenneth Ji


(Gomes in Fremont)