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Advanced ACT / SAT Prep


Aim to attend an Ivy League college?

Want to get noticed by Johns Hopkins' Talent Search?

Interested in winning a National Merit Scholarship by taking the PSAT?


Even if attending college seems far away, it's never too early to build up the skills you'll need to score well on the PSAT/SAT. Many MathEdge students now attend MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, UC Berkeley, and more!


Each of our Advanced SAT Prep courses meets for two hours every week during a semester (1 semester = 5 months). These courses will equip students with the skills necessary for scoring well on the SAT. Sign up for two or more to qualify for a special discount!


RSAT - Critical Reading for the SAT             Day&Time (@Cupertino Site): Sun  11am-1pm

Students will master SAT-level vocabulary and sentence completions as well as analyze passages to improve their reading comprehension.


WSAT - Writing for the SAT                         Day&Time (@Cupertino Site): Sun  11am-1pm

Students will unlock the secrets to a well-crafted essay and develop a keen eye for common SAT tricks and traps on proofreading and revision questions.


MSAT - Math I for the SAT                           Day&Time(@Cupertino Site): Sun 1-3pm

Students will learn the math required by the SAT and confidence-boosting speed strategies.








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Summer SAT Prep


Summer SAT Math Prep meets 2 hours a day, 5 days a week (M-F) for four weeks. This will prepare students for scoring high on the SAT.


Two Summer Sessions to choose from:

Summer 1: 6/15-7/17/15 (excludes 6/29-7/3/15)    or   Summer 2: 7/20–8/14/15   


Summer SAT Math Prep Time: 4-6pm


Summer all flyer       SchoolCourseReg@Cup  


Summer Course online Signup Here