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Speech+ Program: Refine Your Speaking Skills.

(K-8, Sept-Jun)



Overview of Public Speaking Program


In this day and age, public speaking is a vital skill necessary for presentations, whether at work or in the classroom, interviews, and simply general conversation. Our public speaking courses cover the skills and techniques necessary to become comfortable with public speaking, speak articulately, and command respect. We particularly emphasize the practice and preparation necessary to become a confident and articulate speaker.



Public Speaking Summer Program


This summer program is targeted towards a more general audience, who do not necessarily need prior experience with speech. In this program, students will gain stronger public speaking skills through practice and instructor feedback in a wide array of contexts: classroom and business presentations, informative and persuasive speeches, structured debate, dramatic and humorous speech, interview settings, etc.


Students will learn and practice public speaking through activities and lesson plans, each emphasizing particular skills and techniques. Each individual week will have a focus area and setting in order to allow students to simultaneously develop their general speaking abilities, as well as more specific skills. Students may join the program for just focus weeks they are interested in, or participate in the entire course. At the end of each week, students will have the opportunity to apply and synthesize what they have learned in a speech competition. Over the course of this program, students will learn many skills, including:


-Overcoming stage fright

-Confidence and poise

-Tone and voice

-Fluency and avoiding verbal tics

-Researching a topic

-Preparing a speech

-Effective use of visual aids

-Interview tips

-Controlling first impressions

-Unscripted and improvisational formats












































Other courses’ content and schedules can be found at “Program Calendar” (located under the “Programs” tab). Registration information can be found at “Registration Forms and Policy.”


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Speech+ (Wow! Only~$175/mo for 1 1/2hrs weekly teaching classes)