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Afterschool Enrichment Open House
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Come and Learn About Our Programs

(GK-8, Aug – Jun, Mon-Fri 2:30-7pm) Enriched Afterschool

- Offer the best affordable price and flexible package

- Prepare students well for the Common Core Math and English and advance in school

- Offer sibling discounts and special promotions


(G6-12) School Math (CCSS 6/7/8 | preAlgebra | Algebra | Geometry | Algebra2 | PreCalculus )

In the Cupertino School District, current 5th and 6th grade Diagnostic for advancement tests will be covered in Common Core. This is the only chance to progress into the “CCSS 6th / 7th / 8th Algebra + Geometry” advanced track (regularly 9th grade).  Let us help you advance.


(GK- 5) MathEdgeCore (MathCore|EnglishCore): Get Prepared for Common Core! (Yr Rd)

This is a guided program created to help students achieve day-to-day success and ace their common core tests in school.  Each student can pace themselves under expert guidance and is encouraged to advance to their full potential.  



Open House Schedule





7250 Bark Ln

San Jose, CA 95129


Dec 10, 17



43385 Ellsworth Street

Fremont Ca 94539