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Sudoku Tournament 2006

2006 Sudoku Tournament Results


Awards and Results


Open Sudoku Tournament

May 21, 2006 (Sunday)

7246 Sharon Drive, Suite P, San Jose, CA 95129


3 Rounds of Sudoku Contest Schedule and the number of advances:

















     1st place: $50 plus trophy

    2nd place: $30 plus medal

    3rd place: $20 plus medal


The Contest and Rules:

Given a 9-by-9 grid divided into nine 3-by-3 regions, place the numbers 1 through 9 into the 81 grids with no number repeated on any row, column, or 3-by-3 region. The puzzle is started with some filled-in (“the givens”) numbers (see example below). The job is to fill in the rest of the boxes. The number of the givens will determine the level of difficulty. Fewer is the givens, the harder is the puzzle. The contest will get harder as it progresses through the rounds. The preliminary round will be easier than Super; and Super will be easier than Final. Who advances in each round is determined by comparing the number of correct entry. Each round is given 15-30 minutes.












Past Contest Problems can be found by clicking the link.


Space is limited and pre-registration is encouraged. We reserve the right to cancel if not enough entry.


Request for tryout solutions

Registration info: email at mathedge@gmail.com or call (408) 725-2680


*MathEdge will not be held liable for the invitation cancellation under any circumstances.


Start Time

Number of Contestants Advance to the Next Round


9AM or 9:30AM

50% or 20, whichever less



20% of 10, whichever less




Award Time


Contest Fee (please circle the appropriate fee):


$25 if registered by 5/7/06 or $30 if registered after 5/7/06.


The amount enclosed is: $__________________


Please make check payable to MathEdge and mail to:

7246 Sharon Drive, Suite P, San Jose, CA 95129

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