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Teaching Method

The majority of our teachers come from STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) backgrounds, and most are former mathletes who participated in national and international math contests during middle school and/or high school.

All of our teachers have at least an undergraduate, if not a Master or PhD degree in the areas of math, science, or engineering.


Many have considerable experience in teaching problem solving and competition math. Every teacher is trained in our teaching method and regularly monitored to ensure the integrity of our curriculum delivery.


One common feature that all of our teachers share is their passion for teaching, the fulfillment in seeing the joy in students' faces when a solution is discovered for difficult problems.


At MathEdge, classes are interactive and dynamic. Effective problem solving strategies are introduced, fun learning is emphasized, and challenges for the students are presented.

With problem solving, there is no conclusive method for reaching an answer. However, certain approaches are far more efficient and effective than others.  When a complicated problem is presented, students are taught how to dissect and reinterpret for optimal understanding and analysis.


No matter how complex the problem appears, our students are trained to learn how to approach it, whether by asking questions or looking for information. As a result, our students are able to tackle difficult problems without quitting.

We encourage students to learn by methodically working  through problems, articulating their thought processes, and developing better reasoning skills. By employing the approach and techniques taught at MathEdge, students gain critical skills and knowledge that stays with them for a lifetime.


Featured Teachers
Featured Math Instructors at Cupertino Site
Yee Tung

M.S. Mathematics, Michigan State University
B.S. Electrical Engineering, Taiwan University

Mr. Tung has 14 years math teaching experience to G8-12 students at local Community Colleges. He has the reputation of significantly improving students’ learning and grades.

He was described as the best math teacher that they ever had by one college dean. Mr. Tung enjoys teaching problem solving, logic, and critical thinking skills. He welcomes the challenge of teaching Competitive math.
David Zuckerman

Ph.D. candidate, Economics, Stanford University
B.A., Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester
B.A., Economics and Mathematics, University of Rochester

David brings an extensive background in math and science, as well as a strong passion for helping students learn, understand, and master core mathematical concepts and principles. From an early age David enjoyed working with numbers/logic/shapes, solving abstract puzzles, and competing in math competitions such as MathCounts and American Mathematics Competitions (AMC). In high school, he became the co-president of the math team and led them to be qualified to represent his entire state. Individually, he qualified for the AIME during freshman and senior year. As a dedicated member of the MathEdge Instructor Faculty, David aims to create an environment that encourages exploration and critical thinking skills in a low-pressure, fun setting.
Featured English Instructors at Cupertino Site
Ariel Andrew

M.A. candidate, Creative Writing, San Jose State University
B.A. English (emphasis in Creative Writing), University of Missouri-Kansas City
Ariel is driven by creative writing and composition education. She has a background in journalism and creative writing (short stories and creative non-fiction).

During her undergraduate program, Ariel tutored college students in writing, grammar, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. Ariel also mentored student journalists as news editor of the university's independent student newspaper.

Ariel believes young students are full of creative and academic potential, and she is honored to contribute to the education they need to achieve this potential. Her goal is to motivate her students to flourish as young writers through imaginative prompts and attentive teaching.

Eric Warnars

B.A. Human Communications: Creative Writing & Social Action - CSU Monterey Bay
Eric has a passion for writing and thinking creatively with a background in rhetoric and creative writing (short stories, poetry, and creative/non-fiction). During college, he instructed K-12 students in writing, grammar, literacy, comprehension, fluency, and critical thinking. Eric believes young minds exceed the boundaries of creativity and imagination, and the responsibility to guide them in their journeys falls on parents and educators. His intent is to inspire growth and progress in his students through fresh and creative mediums.
Eric’s writing has been published by Football Nation and The Otter Realm.
Featured Math Instructor at Fremont and Dublin Site
Joanna Tan

B.A. Mathematics  University of Philippines
Certified CSET Math Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
Miss. Joanna has a BS degree in Math. Certified CSET Math Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Ms Joanna was the national math contest team trainer in Philippines. She has gained many titles of world math contests. She enjoys teaching competitive math. She was the coach of the US teams who went to the International Mathematics Competitions in Indonesia  July 2011. The two teams received the Champion and Second Runner-up in the team awards and all the eight students got individual awards.  She also coached two US teams who went the International Mathematics Competitions in Bulgaria July 2013. Two teams received 4 individuals’ awards. She loves teaching children and encouraging them to be the best they can be.
Miss Joanna is one of the most popular teachers in Mathedge Fremont and Dublin sites. 
Featured English Instructor at Fremont Site
Ekta Shah

B.A. English and Psychology - University of California, Riverside
Ekta relishes the opportunity to study works of literature and poetry from great writers, as well as to teach elementary, middle, and high school students of that. Her experience as a tutor throughout high school, as a writing & language arts coach in college, and as a teaching assistant for an English professor at Ohlone College; and her advanced writing course has prepared her well in teaching English and critical writing.
Ekta hopes to inspire students in the same way that her teachers have inspired her. She is excited and delighted to teach MathEcge students.
Featured Math Instructor at Dublin Site
Quang Tran

BS degree in Applied Mathematics - University of California, Berkeley
Mr. Tran holds a BS degree in Applied Mathematics and also completed the requirements for Cell, Development and Molecular biology track. Tran’s interest in Mathematics sparked in middle school, which led him to participate in several Mathematics contests throughout high school, including AMC 10, AMC 12 and AIME. During his 2nd year as a medical student, Tran decided to return to his passion for mathematics and is currently pursuing an Actuarial career. As a private mathematics tutor in college, Tran discovered his talent for helping students who are either struggling or wanting to excel in school. When he is not studying for the 2nd Actuarial exam, Tran enjoys helping MathEdge students achieve their goals!