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Common Core Math | English Test Prep

Math | English Test Prep: Accelerations in Common Core


This program helps students to prepare for both math and English language arts Common Core standardized tests. Students will practice for their grade level's tests. Test-taking techniques will be taught. Each student’s progress will be tracked and sent home periodically along with recommendations. For the past many years, we have helped many students improve their Standardized test scores by at least 10-20%.


Cupertino Site


10-week (2hrs ea) program

Fall: 9/27/15 - 12/6/15

Winter: 12/13/15-3/6/16 (Excludes 12/27/15, 1/3/16, 2/14/16)

Spring: 3/13/16-5/22/16  (Excludes 4/19/16)


Cupertino Site Math : Sun 10-12noon | 1-3pm | Sun 3-5pm

Cupertino Site English: Sun 1-3pm | Sun 2:30-4:30pm


Test Prep    GK - 5:  ____$549 [2hrs/wk]

Test Prep    G6 - 8:  ____$649 [2hrs/wk]


2015-16 Cupertino Site:  Calendar        SchoolCourse RegForm            SchoolCourse Flyer  |  Online registration here




Fremont Site

10-week (2hrs ea) program : 1/25/16 to 3/31/16

Class Time Slot:  Mon | Thurs 6 – 8 pm


Test Prep    G3 - 5:  ____$549 [2hrs/wk]

Test Prep    G6 - 8:  ____$649 [2hrs/wk]


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Note: Space is limited, so register early. No refund will be granted. We reserve the right to cancel if not enough entries.


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